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Didn't see that one coming

Posted on 21st May, 2017

Looking back a couple of weeks checking the daily sales sheet at Smashwords, something popped up, literally that I hadn't seen coming. A spike, well, more a small hill than a spike. A sudden shift in the downloads from Apple regarding Iceline. 496 in about a month, disregarding the permafree status of the novel it was still a welcome sight.


Iceline is the first of the Grange novels, introducing the mjaor characters in the series and the location around which the stories unfold.


Add to that a surge in the daily page views for Martyn's Blog (570+ in the last month) over on Blogger and I think a shift is needed. A timely reminder to keep my eye on the ball. the nice touch is that blogs on the site are regularly indexed at Blogorama


Maybe I need a (better) plan?

Plugging on

Posted on 20th March, 2017

Cheekyseagull has had a bit of a tweak this afternoon (GMT). A bit of shuffling around so the pages have a standard look and the information I want to appear at the top of the page does that, and the incidental stuff slides in at the bottom. Still a bit more to do, playing with the new layout to make the mobile experience easier to work with. A few links to put in place and then I think the site will be pretty much as I want it, until I decided to tinker with something else because another behind the scenes gizmo comes along. In the meantime I'll give the site a ping on ping-omatic (sounds like an invention from a Wallace and Gromit film - that's what I like about it).


If this post works, it will be the first time I've pulled it off using my mobile phone, and that's another tick in the right box for the website provider.


Cheers for now



Website update

Posted on 18th March, 2017

The website has taken advantage of the mobile friendly formatting offered by Freeola and Instant Pro. will now display easily on most devices. I have spent some time playing with the site via a smart-phone and the links are still working fine, so all the connections between the site and the retailers and distributors of The Grange thrillers can be used. 


Have a great day!

Next move, which direction?

Posted on 10th August, 2016

The downside of Independence, I can't blame anyone else when something doesn't appear to be working. I made the call, I take the hit.


Iceline keeps racking up the downloads, nothing spectacular at the moment, and if I'm honest all the books in the series, The Grange, could do with a good hard look and perhaps rewriting in places. The rest of the series is basically flat-lining, going nowhere fast. 


Minimal advertising and not getting my backside in gear are most likely the problem, and I am the solution. 


This calls for relatively long term planning, it may stem the flow of new material but looking at the history of the novels and the characters involved may also breathe fresh life into the books.


At the moment, NaNoWriMo is off the calendar for this year. I've taken the challenge for the last four years and cracked the total within the time limit on every occasion. Now is the time to consolidate what I have. Step back, look long and hard at the material and work with it. 

The last two NaNoWriMo books have yet to be finished, and bolstered by the confidence of the challenge I know I can do it, this may be the time to get stuck and get them done. 


There will be regular postings through Martyn's blog follow the link from and I'll stop off here for a quick chat now and then, just to keep the faithful up to date, but as for actual dates and times? They'll come in due course.


In the meantime, enjoy, grab the books and the action.



It was there a minute ago

Posted on 15th June, 2016

I know, it can be irritating, one moment it's there on your screen and then: it's gone. The screen refreshed and what you were looking at isn't there any more.

The page for Gone to earth has just disappeared. If you were in the middle of looking at it, I apologise, but there is a reason. I took the book offline at smashwords a month or so ago, and somehow due to a technical error (basically I forgot!) it remained on the website.


Gone to Earth has, gone to earth for the time being while I pull the rest of the story together and finish the job. As usual, a completed draft will be posted on smashwords, and subsequently through the distribution channels when it is completed. In the meantime, if you aren't already part of the action try the rest of the Grange stories on your device, and be a part of it. 



A different angle

Posted on 1st June, 2016

The post that went up this afternoon on Martyn's blog shifted its emphasis slightly, well more than slightly from the usual. The subject touched on writing and the relationship between characters but also the current political climate in the UK. Referencing the EU referendum coming up later this month.


I don't intend to go on about it, but the questions raised by Tony Benn reveal an insight into political thinking and history.


Tony Benn was a fascinating character and a part of the political scene in the UK for most of my life. I don't agree with many of the things he said but his five questions give a useful starting point. How many even supposedly democratic governments would come out well?


The divorce between politics and the populace is not a healthy one, people who believe the vote makes no difference and the politicians who accept this as the status quo and operate as though they have a right to govern compound the felony.


A lot of people, myself included, have waited a long time for this particular vote and depending on the result may have to wait a long time for another chance, unless the powers that be decide we gave the wrong answer and they hold another referendum and another and another, until we give them the "Right" answer.


Ireland endured that fate with the referendum for the Treaty of Lisbon, the first vote went against the treaty, so the referendum was repeated and the Treaty was accepted. The significance of the Treaty referendum was that it required a unanimous vote of acceptance in all the member states, whereas the Brexit (who thinks up these ugly terms?) is purely about British integration.


How the British Government reacts to a result it doesn't like could be revealing when Benn's five points are laid against it.


June is going to be an interesting month!





Kicking off, again.

Posted on 1st March, 2016

Kicking off for 2016, not a new year but a new Read an Ebook week, this Sunday, the 6th of March through to Saturday the 12th, with discount codes available at Smashwords.


Check out the authors and books involved at the site wide promotions page (here) and grab a piece of the action at The Grange.


All the Grange thrillers are involved, details to follow when the codes go live at midnight Saturday.


Read an Ebook, this month, next week, whenever

Posted on 29th February, 2016

Have you got your piece of the action, act quickly and grab the lot woith a discount code at Smashwords this month, check out The Grange thrillers at Smashwords.


Iceline -free as usual.

Control Escape - enter TP79Y at the checkout

What You Ask For - enter NT97R

The Obedience of Fools - enter JD95K


Gone to Earth is still a work in progress and the unfinished text is available free at Smashwords.


More codes will be available later this week when Read an eBook Week starts. Nip back and have a look.


Cheers, have a good read



Coming soon!

Posted on 25th February, 2016

Not the most original tip off, I know, but here's a head's up for read an eBook month, basically March. discount codes are available for the Grange thrillers. The one's with a price tag attached. Load up your e-reader, tell your friends. and grab a piece of the action.


Check out Martyn's Blog and back here, check out my twitter feed @MartynSeagull for updates, and follow me follow....

Hitting the mark

Posted on 7th February, 2016


Coming soon, World Book Day, 3rd March, tucked neatly into Read an ebook month. Keep an eye open for the vouchers and the information, nudge someone you know towards a book they might love, and see their adventure unfold. Discounts on The Grange series will be available, check back and see what you can grab. Get your piuece of the action!