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The Obedience of Fools


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 The Grange Novels


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Welcome to Cheeky Seagull 



Who is Cheekyseagull?


Maybe the question should be where does he come from? The seagull is for me a powerful image of holidays spent by the sea, as white as the limestone cliffs on the Yorkshire coast; a constant companion on many diving trips in British waters.

Ranging inland or far out to sea.The white ghost-like sight skimming the wave crests or patrolling the deep blue of the sky above.



The opportunist who sees something and goes for it, takes the chance....




The home of the Grange Novels;


in the quiet of a old country house

snug in the midst of its own estate

and soaked in its history and secrets.


Some secrets are new, and fresh,

but they remain secrets just the same!


Iceline, Control Escape, What You Ask For,

the first three stories of The Grange...


The people who live and work there,

the guests who come to stay

and the others who...




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